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December 24th, 2008

04:22 pm: Another IM from Theresa's cat...
I think he's trying to tell me something with his ass, but I have no idea what it is...

[11:24] Theresa: \]o9
[11:24] Theresa: \]
[11:24] Theresa: \]
[11:24] Theresa: \]
[11:24] Theresa: \]
[11:24] Theresa: \]
[11:24] Theresa: \]
[11:24] Theresa: \]
[11:24] Theresa: \]
[11:24] Theresa: \]
[11:24] Theresa: \]
[11:24] Theresa: \]
[11:24] Theresa: \]
[11:24] Theresa: \]
[11:24] Theresa: \]
[11:24] Theresa: \]
[11:24] Theresa: \]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]
[11:24] Theresa: \]
[11:24] Theresa: \]
[11:24] Theresa: \]
[11:24] Theresa: \]
[11:24] Theresa: \]
[11:24] Theresa: \]
[11:24] Theresa: \]
[11:24] Theresa: \]
[11:24] Theresa: \]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]\]
[11:24] Theresa: \]
[11:24] Theresa: \]
[11:24] Theresa: \]
[11:24] Theresa: \]
[11:24] Theresa: \]
[11:24] Theresa: \]
[11:24] Theresa: \]
[11:24] Theresa: \]

December 9th, 2008

07:00 am: So, Theresa's cat...
Sometimes, Theresa's cat IMs people with his ass. This morning, he typed this to me...

[05:05] Theresa: oiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiic v=-c v=-c v=-c v=-c v=-c v=-c v=-c v=-c v=-c v=-c v=-c v=-c v=-c v=-c v=-c v=-c v=-c v=-c v=-c v=-c v=-c v=-c v=-c v=-c v=-c v=-c v=-c v=-c v=-c v=-c v=-c v=-c v=-c v=- bnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbn;-)

The part that scares me the most is that it all ends with a winking emoticon.

December 5th, 2008

02:45 pm: Hey, Theresa...

I love you.

November 8th, 2008

05:25 am: The rest of the world...
Okay, so I guess I've got a question about the election. Now, it's amazing just the sheer amount of attention this recent election has gotten from the rest of the world. I've read Canadian blog posts about groups of people gathering around TVs in bars and celebrating Obama's victory, just to provide a single example. Of course, there are also the many, many well wishes from leaders around the world.
So, I guess what I'm wondering is just why the rest of the world seems so concerned with our president right now. Are they always this interested in other countries' politics? Are we really that lazy and uncaring that we're perhaps the only country that doesn't pay attention to elections outside of our own borders? Is all of this attention just because Obama is the first black American president? (You know, I usually consider the term African American kinda lame, but I realize that it would've actually been appropriate here...) My theory is that Bush managed to make enough enemies throughout the rest of the world during the last decade or so that everyone was basically on the edges of their seats waiting to see who will replace him and whether or not they'd be from the same party/share some of the same "ideals."
Any thoughts?

Current Mood: thoughtfulthoughtful
Current Music: The Airborne Toxic Event - Wishing Well

November 5th, 2008

04:29 am: Feelings on the election...
Mr. President,
Thank you. You have run this country so terribly for the last eight years that people who might not have cared about "just another election" were forced to take notice and strive for change. The problems you have caused are of such magnitude that a generation long infamous for their apathy has come together in record numbers to vote for our country's future. The legacy you leave behind is one of utter failure; you took a bad situation and made it worse than anyone could've ever imagined. At the very least, you may have helped to spark the smallest of revolutions, which is still something that this country has long needed.

Barack Obama,
Congratulations. You are this nation's first black president, yet that is just the beginning of the weight which is about to come to rest squarely on your shoulders; your predecessor left our country in a state of ruin, and to you falls the unenviable task of prying it out of the gutter and cleaning it off. I can only hope that you manage to rise to the task, and leave a legacy the opposite of that which you find yourself following. The people have spoken, and you are the one who emerged victorious from trial after trial, culminating in the ultimate award. Please, don't let us down. This is a chance to make a wonderful change. And yes, I think we can.

Sarah Palin,
Thank you. For a while, it appeared that Senator McCain was picking up enough steam to pose a genuine threat to Senator Obama. Then, you came along. You helped to expose and personify the ignorance and hypocrisy that sometimes lies hidden during campaigns, only to surface as soon as the appropriate oaths are taken. I shall leave your note brief, since your footnote in history will hopefully be equally terse.

I have to admit, I'm impressed. Yesterday, records were broken. Yesterday, changes began. Hopefully, we have seen the first steps towards getting this country back on the right track. I will confess that I joined your ranks for the first time, myself, and feel myself honored to cast my first ballot in such a pivotal election.
However, I am still disappointed in some of you. Last night, many of you were still unconcerned with the historical events taking place. There was much talk of sports scores, but little talk of vote counts. Sadly, there is still enough apathy among you to pose a great danger. Our strength comes from our numbers. The more of us that stand to speak our minds, the weaker the voice of the few in Washington. We have the power to keep them in check. For now, they answer to us. Let's keep it that way.

October 27th, 2008

12:26 am: Another quick update.
Life's pretty good. I've been to three faires with Theresa over the last three weekends. Expect more details and photos when I get around to posting/linking them.
I'm pretty excited for this Thursday. The theater in our town is hosting a quadruple horror movie marathon. I'm finally doing a bit of research on the movies, since I haven't even heard of 3/4 of them before. The one that I have heard of is Night of the Living Dead. I've never actually seen the original version before, so I'm really excited to see it on the big screen. Links to the movies' IMDB pages follow:
So, after this marathon, Friday is Salem. I love Salem on Halloween. It's like a slightly more macabre Mardi Gras.

October 23rd, 2008

10:38 pm: I don't know why...

Oh, and in other news... I'm officially on vacation! I've got tonight and tomorrow off, and then all of next week. Yay.

October 2nd, 2008

10:03 pm: Life? Life!
So, I'm alive. Whee. I guess I just randomly felt like updating for a change.
Things are going great with Theresa. I think we're gonna be okay. There have been a few bumps so far, and there will probably be a few more, but we haven't hit anything insurmountable yet. So, yay.
Work is work. There's nothing else to say.
Ren faire season is finally starting up! Starting on Columbus Day weekend, I'm pretty much gonna be doing something every weekend in October. Plus, I'm gonna be going to everything with Theresa. Hooray for geek bonding! We've got King Richard's Faire with her friends on the 12th, then the CT Faire the Sunday after, then NH the Saturday after that, and finally Salem on Halloween.
To add to it all, I'm also on vacation the last week of the month, starting with an optional day off on the 24th. This vacation will be good, since Fallout 3 finally comes out this coming Tuesday and I won't have much time to get into it before then.
Okay, I suppose I'm done ranting for now. Besides, it's time to head off to work.

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September 26th, 2008

05:51 pm: Halloween, Part I...
So, I've started Halloween shopping. Luce, these may be right up your alley...


July 8th, 2008

04:41 am: Hello, journal...
So, it's been a while, and quite a bit has happened. I'm still single. I wish I wasn't, but at least I'm kind of okay with it.
The downside of being single is that I've been feeling very unwanted lately. I feel like I'm surrounded by people who want what I am and what I have, but they don't actually want me. People love my sense of humor, my wit, my company. They want me around as a friend, but not really any more than that.
Listen, I'm a pudgy geek. I've heard the "just a friend" speech since I first took an interest in girls. It's kind of par for the course for my kind. Even if I know there's another reason behind the whole "You're a great friend!" rigamarole, I still hear the same things I've been hearing for over a decade now: I'm fun to be around, but not desirable enough for any more. It hurts even more when I see someone go off and look for my traits in someone else. It's like they've found a car they like, with all the right accessories, but they just need it in a different color.
So, I guess this is gonna bring me to my sex life. I don't think I've ever written about it before, so this should be interesting. So, a warning: Don't look under the cut unless you want to know some details of where I've been and who I've been doing lately.
Cut for details of Shaun's sex life.Collapse )
So, for those that may have not read the previous section, I've been hanging out (and a bit more) with a woman named Theresa. We get along wonderfully, and have a great time together watching movies, going for walks, etc. She also shares my twisted sense of humor, and doesn't flinch easily at offensive jokes, which is a major plus for anyone I intend to spend time with.
So, we've got enough in common that I'd date her in a minute. Except she smokes and drinks (I mentioned drugs to her once, and she said she doesn't want them anywhere near her). Dammit. Now, I'm stuck wondering if my convictions are really worth it.
Yes, I know I've threatened to throw all my standards out before, but this feels different. This isn't coming out of frustration or anger. This is something far more peaceful and thought out. For the first time, I'm seeing what may be a good reason to consider pushing my boundaries back a bit.
She's not a chain smoker. In fact, she didn't have a single cigarette when we hung out Sunday, and that surprised even her. She's not a big partier. I guess she really only drinks when she gets together with her fellow teachers on Friday nights with some wine to bitch about their students.
So, really, she doesn't seem to go to any of the extremes that have led me to feel the way I do. Now, my convictions really haven't served me well these past years. In fact, they seem to cause me far more trouble than they're worth. Essentially, I cut myself off from the vast majority of society, and have to pick through the remainder for someone who is willing to not only date me, but stay with me for an extended period of time.
Really, I'm just sick of trying to ride on some moral high horse. It's just made me lonely. When I look at my life, the thing I want most is love, and I really don't think that any half-assed holier than thou crap is worth pushing that away for. I really don't want to be one of the people who can stare a good person in the eyes and say "Sorry, you're not good enough for me. I'm better than what you have to offer." There's only so high you can build a tower before people aren't willing to climb the stairs anymore...

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